The Creativity Cafe

Find your creative soul tribe & make and share your work in our heart-led artistic community.

The Cafe opens up to join twice a year and will open up again from the 2nd-16th of September 2024.

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  • Do you have a creative practice or wish to begin one, but find that life or doubt gets in the way?

  • Are you going through a life or career transition and wish to give more time and energy to your creativity? 

  • Have you found that motivation goes up and down (even though you feel you 'need' to make  your work)?

  • Do you feel alone in this struggle?

If you answered yes, then the Creativity Cafe is for you!! 

Creativity is mysterious and needs delicate holding so that it can be expressed.  The Creativity Cafe is a nurturing online space, where you have a supportive community behind you. 

  • Set goals for your creative work and keep to them, with our accountability check-ins.
  • Identify and work with the inner critic voice, so that you can allay fears. 

  • Start the creative work that has been waiting patiently for you to begin.

  • Make art 'imperfectly' in the monthly live taught sessions, helping support your practice, even if you are not a visual artist. 

  • Connect to your imagination and take inspiration from the seasons, myth story, poetry, memory, dream and more.

  • Tune into your ‘inner mentor’ your inner knowing  to guide  you in your life and creative work. 

  • To Create from the heart and authentic voice, with confidence that comes from knowing you are doing what you came here to do.

  • Work (or learn to work) intuitively as you are guided

  • Develop mindfulness and connect to liminal states

  • Let go of procrastination and perfectionism (which is really fear) and let your work shine out into the world.

It can be challenging to get started when we are making creative work on our own. The voices of doubt can at times be overwhelming. There are days when we just don’t feel like showing up. Conversely, these tend to be the times when we need our creative practice the most. It can be like a friend with us through the tough times. 

The inner critic's voice can be so loud, that we may need others to help us to pull through to the other side of it. The power of a shared experience with others on a similar path, fosters confidence and well being, which in turn leads to us having greater creative energy available.

Our world at this time in history can feel wild, uncertain and overwhelming. A community of people on a similar path can be a steady and steadfast heartbeat to keep us connected to our hopes and dreams.

I am passionate about bringing people together to create. Once we name the doubts that arise they become less threatening and easier to navigate. There is nothing more powerful than being aware of our inner critic and connecting to our inner knowing. This combined with the wisdom and experiences of others on the same path can lift our whole day. 

Through the Creativity Cafe  check-ins, you can set small goals which will grow as your confidence and self belief blossoms. Community is where the magic happens!

Together we can build new practices and change habits, which are essential to creating the lives we want. I truly believe being part of a community can be life changing and the best way to achieve the transformation we are dreaming of.  

Meet your host.


Hello, I'm Perienne Christian, an exhibiting artist, art mentor, alumna and senior teaching faculty at the Royal Drawing School in London, host of the Art and Story Podcast AND your guide in the Creativity Cafe!

How Community Helped me.

When I was first starting out as a recent art graduate, I was living in London and felt lost and unsure how to keep it going. It was hard to find time to make work alongside the other jobs I had and I didn't know how to prioritise the creative work or organise my time. 

A group of artist friends and I decided to set up a monthly studio meet-up and called our group, the 'Imaginarium'. We met at our friend Clara's studio which had a long red table to sit at. We all brought food for a picnic lunch and would sit and draw and talk. 

The most important element for all of us was talking about and naming the creative doubts that we were feeling. We didn’t always make that much work, but this community was vital for our mental health and enabled us to work more once we were back in our own studios. 

This experience was one of the founding inspirations for the Creativity Cafe! 

As an artist and an introvert  I need time alone to dream and create. But if I’m alone too much, I find that I can get too 'in my head' and disconnected from my purpose. This is where community comes in to give a boost of outside energy, support and accountability. 

I have found that two of the key things that have helped me to grow and expand as an artist have been community and accountability. These two elements work like magic.

NB these two artworks were made during the 'Imaginarium' artist meet-ups described above.

What's included in the membership.

*For  £37 per month, you will get:

2 x 3-hour Live Sessions Each Month, run by Perienne, on a Tuesday 6-9pm UK time + a 1- hour monthly chat and doodle session on a Friday 6-7pm.

NB. These will be recorded so that you can watch and follow along at your leisure if you are unable to make it live.

Monthly Live Session 1: Art Class

3-hour live art classes, for both beginner and experienced artists  Tuesday 6-9pm UK time. 

  • Class subjects have a focus on working from both life and the imagination and include: drawing and poetry, memory and dream, earth-medicine-journeying, myth, story and more. 

  • Mediums include drawing, painting, collage and basic monoprint

  • Recorded for those who can’t make it live

  • NB. Materials lists and simple how-to videos for all techniques are available for beginners or those wanting a refresher before each class

Monthly Live Session 2: Community & Accountability.

3-hour live session Tuesday, 6-9pm UK time. 
  • Sharing of  progress and obstacles from the previous month

  •  Meditation and intuitive drawing 

  •  Reflective coaching questions to  expand your own creative process and work through blocks. 

  •  Time to make your own work  

  • Chat in small groups about your process and progress

  • The main group session will be recorded

Monthly Live Session 3: Cafe - Chat and doodle session. 

1-hour live session, Friday, 6-7pm UK time. 
  • This is an informal session. 
  • Bring a drink and a snack, any work you wish to get feedback on from the group, any questions that have come up over the month. We will chat together as a group. 
  • You can doodle or write as we chat! 

Bonus Live Monthly Sessions During the Year Will Include: 

  • Guest classes with other artists, writers,  poets and mystics

  • Small group sharing sessions

  • Group coaching sessions

A Vibrant Community Forum with:

  • Monthly themes that link to our live sessions 

  • Creative goal setting and accountability  

  • Creative book clubs, relevant podcasts, Ted Talks and articles

  • Self care practices 

  • A cafe space for creative work sharing and discussion

  • Access to a library of materials and techniques how-to videos created by Perienne + any new ones as they are created.

  • The opportunity to have your own 'Padlet' art gallery that you can share with the group. 

Upcoming Live session dates in 2024 are:

Monthly 3-hour Art Classes: 2nd July, 13th Aug, 3rd Sept, 1st Oct

Monthly 3-hour Community Sessions: 30th July, Aug 27th, Sept 17th, Oct 8th

Monthly 1-hour Cafe meet up sessions: 28th June, 26th July, 23rd Aug, 20th Sept, 11th Oct.

*Join us for just £37 per month when paid yearly.

Or join us for £49 paid on a month-to-month basis, cancel anytime.

The Cafe opens up to join twice a year and will open again from the  2nd-16th of September 2024.

What people say about the Creativity Cafe.

These Testimonials are from the 5-month journey that has now become the Creativity Cafe Membership! 

'Perienne is a very special, generous person and an attentive and insightful listener. She is also a wonderful artist. Perienne really engages with every individual and their work, helping them find and pursue their direction. In the Creativity Cafe she creates an atmosphere of shared practice. Much wisdom comes from the group as we are all there to be present, explore and grow. The break-out rooms with fellow participants give time for each to reflect on their work have been really supportive. There isn't a pressure to perform and the session helps shine light on challenging moments too. Perienne transmits a self-belief and feeling of community amongst all. I feel very lucky to have spent time with her and other members of the Creativity Cafe.
Alex Helm, artist, London.

'I find the cafe amazing! It was like a sumptuous fairy tale cafe with teas and cakes from all over the world…nourishing our creative spirits and our sense of community. A real coming together - albeit over a remote table - and savouring what it is to be sensitive and creative in this world, the challenges and roadblocks as well as the glorious individual landscapes. Touching in at the well of knowing that the struggles and fears are common to us all, and being resourced by Perienne to navigate those fears with increased confidence that they are just fears, not to be taken too seriously, but to be heard. Perienne held the structure with such a containing strength and flexibility. She brought us in to our deepest selves through short meditations. From this meditative place we asked and answered questions of ourselves and of our creative dreams as if accessing and speaking directly through the heart, which would have been difficult or impossible without Perienne's guidance and holding of the space. It is such a moving process to see each other unfold in unexpected ways as we travel together. What a rich feast Perienne’s cafe table has to offer!' Ella, London

'From the bottom of my heart, thank you Perienne for guiding us on this journey and for creating such a safe and inspiring space for our art to emerge.' Petra Cotociu, Leamington Spa. 

'Dear Perienne, thank you so much for your time, attention and great skill as a facilitator and reflector during these weeks of the Creative Cafe.  At first, I felt that I would not be able to be a 'good' group member as I am so preoccupied, and so tied down mentally, but I can report that the power of the group, and your talent for holding the group members in mind, has been very enriching.

I trained as a Psychotherapist and my own experience has been that it can be very difficult to put aside the role one has of being a listener, a reflector and a supporter for others in order to attend to creative work, but your approach and your teaching has changed that for me. As Amy said, work has become a friend, rather than a persecutor! We might not always have time for it, but it is waiting, and it is an enriching 'friendship' we can return to. You have given us a great deal and I really admire your capacity to offer so much to others, and remember to enrich yourself.

It has been a helpful experience to relate to a group of kind and generous artists and one I hope to continue.
It occurs to me that the language used in the group is so very different from the art educational language I was given in the past.

I am making a connection to your evocation of the feminine, a reawakening of a potent otherness that needs to find a voice and a language in our world. To my mind, it is no surprise that in past times, so many women have felt depressed and unfulfilled. I'm ranting now! But your respect for your own feminine 'voice' is so helpful and encouraging. Thank you for starting the creativity cafe - It's brilliant!’
Rebecca Bergase, Suffolk ( )

'The Creativity Cafe is a wonderful opportunity to meet other creatives. As a gifted artist and teacher herself, Perienne is wonderful at communicating and guiding you through uncertainty. She provides practical tips and a framework that inspires and helps you be accountable to yourself and others. These sessions act as a motivating force for any artist, visual or otherwise. I now have a ready-made community which I'm continuing to nurture.'
Zinta Jaunitis, London ( )

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why the name Creativity Cafe?

I’m glad you asked! The Creativity Cafe was originally a 5-month journey for participants to have a space to share their work, be held accountable and be supported by a community of other creatives. It worked so well that I decided to set it up as a membership, running continuously throughout the year. I saw that people were wishing for both the art and coaching experiences and the transformation that was possible within the space of this container; as well as the sense of being held in community. I feel a ‘creativity cafe’ is both a relaxed space to make and discuss work, but also has the flavour of a ‘salon’ where serious ideas, thoughts and works can be brought to the table. NB The image at the top is a mockup of the room that poet, playwright and art collector Gertrude Stein used for her ‘salon’ of arts and ideas, in Paris in the early 1900’s.

Do I need to have a creative practice already to join?

Absolutely not. If you have an idea for creative work that you want to make, and you would like a community behind you as you do it, come and join us.

The idea that we have to be fully formed in our practice before we start sharing, can stop us from starting, because we feel that we have to be ‘good’ immediately. When we can embody the 'beginners mindset' of testing things out and (so called) ‘failing’ gracefully, we begin to garner the confidence of a new practice. We are all always learning anyway and we all started somewhere. 

If you have never drawn or made art before, there will be instructional videos for all the art class techniques that you can watch before each taught session. Almost every art or creative class I have ever taught has had at least one person in it that has never drawn or made art before. I feel it works very well to have sessions with people who have varied experience.

Is it just for visual artists? 

Whilst the majority of people who join are beginner or experienced visual artists, other disciplines are very welcome. In the past when it ran as a 5-month journey, we were joined by an aspiring poet, a  theatre performer, people working on stitched 3d pieces and writers. The practical monthly classes will mostly be art sessions, with a few sessions in other disciplines such as poetry writing, throughout the year. 

Can I try for a month and then switch to the yearly plan?

Yes, that’s a great way to see if the Creativity Cafe is a good fit for you. After the first month, it’s easy to switch to the yearly plan. 

Will I have access to all past replays and content?

Yes. When you join, you will have access to all past live recorded sessions as well as all of the sessions moving forward. 

What if I miss a live call?

Replays of all live sessions will be posted with all the written session information in the community and will remain there indefinitely. You can watch or return to them whenever works best for you. 

How much time do I need to participate?

This is totally up to you. I would suggest dropping into the community to connect and share, when you have the time, energy and inspiration, or simply when you are feeling in need of some support or encouragement. You never need to feel 'behind' and can drop into the live sessions as and when you can make them. Each month there will be a minimum of 6 hours of live class time (with replays available) in addition to weekly goal setting and simple daily prompts and some bonus live sessions throughout the year.

What do I need to participate?

You need a good internet connection to access the information, replays, and live sessions, in addition to gathering any materials you would like to work with. You will find a list of art materials you can buy for the live monthly classes if you wish, inside the community and you are very welcome to ask any materials related questions in the forum as and when they arise. 

Can I join anytime?

Enrolment for the Creativity Cafe opens up twice a year. Registration is now open and will close on January 31st 2024.

How do I find people who live near me?

When you join the Creativity Cafe, you will be able to see other members of the community who live near you. You can reach out with a direct message if you want to connect.

How do I share the work that I make?

There will be both posts you can respond to with images or links of your work and online portfolios (called Padlets) that you can add work to. Each member will have the opportunity to also have their own Padlet where they upload all the work that they make. This can then be shared with the group. You can also always ask for feedback from the group if you are wishing for it. 

What if I need technical support?

You can send a message using the contact form HERE  if you need help or if you have questions. You can also post in the forum chat once you are inside the community. Luckily Mighty Networks is nice and user friendly so there shouldn’t be too many problems!

What if I want to cancel?

When you choose the month-to-month option, you are welcome to cancel your Creativity Cafe membership at any time. You will then lose access to the content one month after your initial payment. You are very welcome to join again at any point when it's next open for booking. When you choose the yearly option, you can cancel after 12 months.

Join us and give your creative practice the time and attention it deserves!

Option 1: A yearly plan of £444 per year (which works out to £37 per month) saving 24%!  

Option 2:  A recurring monthly plan of £49 with the option to cancel anytime.

The Cafe opens up to join twice a year and will open up again from the 2nd-16th of September 2024.